Good News, A Media Alert, and a Lament

Earlier this afternoon, Bill Moyers called James Watt and “apologized profusely” for misquoting him and misrepresenting his views on the environment. Moyers says he will produce a written apology and think about ways to make the apology as public as the smear was. Congratulations, Mr. Watt.
Media alert, with lament: I was supposed to do the Kudlow & Cramer show this afternoon, but had to cancel due to illness, as noted below. Then the O’Reilly people called and wanted me to be on the Factor tonight to talk about the Bill Moyers story. I had to pass on that as well, but the good news is that the Trunk will be appearing on our behalf–another advantage of a group blog. So, watch for him tonight: the Trunk on the O’Reilly Factor.
And thanks very much to the amazing number of readers who wrote in to express concern and sympathy with my (not, really, all that serious) illness, and to suggest various remedies. The malt-based remedies, in particular, sound worth a try.


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