Mission accomplished

Martin O’Malley, the Mayor of Baltimore, has compared President Bush’s proposed budget to the 9/11 attacks. Here’s what O’Malley said:

Back on September 11, terrorists attacked our metropolitan cores, two of America’s great cities. They did that because they knew that was where they could do the most damage and weaken us the most. Years later, we are given a budget proposal by our commander in chief, the president of the United States. And with a budget ax, he is attacking America’s cities. He is attacking our metropolitan core.

Michelle Malkin has a great round-up on this story, including O’Malley’s attempt to backtrack. She notes that O’Malley made a similar comment during the Democratic National Convention. Then, he stated:

I remember after the attacks of September 11, as mayor of the city, I was very, very worried about al-Qaeda and still am. But I’m even more worried about the actions and inactions of the Bush administration.

The Democrats seem to be on a mission to convince the American public that they don’t take the threat of terrorism seriously enough. So far, they are accomplishing that mission.


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