Our Most Incompetent Newspaper?

The Los Angeles Times, that is. Reader Diana Magrann points out a ridiculous error in the Times’ coverage of Eason Jordan’s resignation. Check out this paragraph:

While at CNN, Jordan also had provoked many activists and critics in an April 2003 opinion piece in the New York Times. Jordan asserted that he sometimes could not allow his network to report all it had learned during the intense early days of combat in Iraq, for fear that releasing certain confidential information would put lives in jeopardy.

Ms. Magrann wrote to the Times’ reader representative suggesting that the paragraph should read as follows:

In April 2003, Jordan admitted in a New York Times opinion piece that CNN had withheld knowledge of numerous instances of Saddam’s brutality in order to maintain access.

Diana reports that the Times’ readers’ representative responded: “Thanks very much for this. I believe you’re right, of course, and I’m asking for a correction.”
How people this clueless can undertake to run a “major” daily newspaper is beyond understanding.


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