A cultural malfunction?

Diana West considers Paul McCartney’s Super Bowl performance as representative of the universalization of the adversary culture: “Sir Paul paid for our past sins.” This column is Diana’s most recent installment in her battle against rock in favor of pop that I wrote about in “Merry Christmas, baby.” It’s a subject I hope to return to when I have a little more time.
DEACON adds: I’m reluctant to enter a discussion of the Beatles with the likes of Trunk and Diana West, inasmuch as my main credential is that I support a soccer team in the city from which McCartney hails. However, it always seemed to me that McCartney was a reluctant participant in the adversary culture, and that given his druthers he would just have made pretty music (“silly love songs”). (In Liverpool soccer terms, he was Steve McManaman to John Lennon’s Robbie Fowler). Now if Lennon had lived to give McCartney’s Super Bowl performance, that would have been shocking.