Fallujah Fallout

I’m listening to Hugh Hewitt’s radio show–the best talk show on radio, in my opinion, by a country mile–and he just had our friend Roger Simon on the air. Roger has been in the hospital, but he sounded great. Roger has a post tonight about Iran, in which he links to an NRO article by his friend Michael Ledeen. We’re planning a meeting of the Power Line editorial board in Washington, D.C. in a few weeks, and will have lunch, I believe, with Ledeen. I’m looking forward to meeting him. In the meantime, here is what he has to say about the Battle of Fallujah:

This glorious victory is due in large part to the truly heroic performance of our armed forces, most recently in that great turning point, the battle of Fallujah. Our victory in Fallujah has had enormous consequences, first of all because the information we gathered there has made it possible to capture or kill considerable numbers of terrorists and their leaders. It also sent a chill through the spinal column of the terror network, because it exposed the lie at the heart of their global recruitment campaign. As captured terrorists have told the region on Iraqi television and radio, they signed up for jihad because they had been told that the anti-American crusade in Iraq was a great success, and they wanted to participate in the slaughter of the Jews, crusaders, and infidels. But when they got to Iraq


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