Hell no, they won’t go

The New York Observer has posted Joe Hagan’s article on the CBS three who decline to go gently into that good night: “The CBS three won’t slink off; hiring lawyers.” It seems to me that the heart of the story here picks up on the holes left in the panel report’s blistering account of the 12-days of stonewall that we wrote about in “Rathergate: The cover-up.” We wrote:

The report is more or less mysteriously silent on the inquiries, participation, knowledge or involvement of top CBS management including CBS News President Andrew Heyward and CBS President Les Moonves during the twelve-day cover-up. “Shortly” after Rather’s on-camera interview of Burkett on September 18, the report (page 202) states, “Heyward determined that CBS News would issue an apology for the September 8 Segment on Monday, September 20 on the CBS Evening News.”

Today Hagan reports:

In the event of a lawsuit, Mr. Howard has told associates that he would like to see Mr. Moonves and [CBS executive vice president of communications Gil] Schwartz put under oath to talk about their own roles in the network


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