A Music Plug

Last week the Trunk, our resident music expert, posted a tribute to Jimmy Smith, a jazz musician who pioneered the use of the Hammond B-3 organ as a jazz instrument. If you like the Hammond, or if you’re curious as to how an organ can be played that way, I’d highly recommend that you check out one of my favorite jazz records, New Groove Blues. New Groove Blues is by our friend Steve Yeager, a sensational vibraphone player, with Tony Monaco on the Hammond B-3. It is, as I say, one of my favorite jazz records and a most-played highlight on my iPod. If you’re curious, give it a listen. Among other tunes, it features Lisa, a tribute to Steve’s wife Mary, who is one of my partners.
UPDATE: Steve’s electronic “liner notes” say:

For this session, Yeager includes the Cleveland Ohio native Tony Monaco on Hammond B-3, a fiery player with roots in the Jimmy Smith style of B-3 Organ. St. Paul sidemen Clay Moore on guitar and Phil Hey on drums round out this fine quartet. Jazz great Herb Pilhofer contributes several arrangements and production assistance to the recording.

I hadn’t noticed it before, but you can download long excerpts from the album here. Do check it out.


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