The ordeal of Cool Hand Larry

I’ve been trying to follow the self-abasement and surrender of Harvard President Lawrence Summers in connection with the faculty response to his remarks on the possible sex-based intellectual differences between men and women. I simply haven’t been able to keep up, but Rick Richman of the Jewish Current Issues blog has been doing an outstanding job.
Most recently, Rick has linked to the transcript of President Summers’s January 14 remarks that have brought him so much grief with the Captain. You remember the Captain — he was the warden who sagely advised Luke: “You going to get used to wearing them chains after a while, [Larry]. Don’t you never stop listening to them clinking.”
UPDATE: Reader Evan Haugland has kindly emailed us a link to the Chronicle of Higher Education article on the release of the Summers transcript: “Harvard president issues transcript of controversial remarks about women in science and mathematics.” The article will apparently remain available to nonsubscribers of the Chronicle for five days.
UPDATE 2: The New York Times also weighs in: “Furor lingers as Harvard chief gives details of talk on women.”