The Jordan iceberg?

The Daily Standard has posted an excellent column by Ed Morrissey — Captain Ed — that meticulously reconstructs the events that culminated in Eason Jordan’s resignation as head of news for CNN: “Eason’s fable.” See also Michelle Malkin’s “Waiting for Bret Stephens to call.” Ed seems to have no doubt that the “outside story” — the trail of the visible controversy over Jordan’s January 27 remarks — led in a straightforward way to Jordan’s resignation.
I wonder, however, why Jordan didn’t ever simply acknowledge a mistake or issue a retraction and apologize. Either or both would have gone a long way toward quelling the public controversy. The abruptness of Jordan’s downfall in connection with remarks that had barely registered in the mainsream media makes me wonder if ninety percent of the real story here isn’t submerged below water.
UPDATE: Thanks to reader A.J. for sending us the link to this related Business Week article: “Don’t fear the blog and the fury.”


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