Dean Smackdown Update

We posted yesterday on the debate in Portland last night between Richard Perle and Howard Dean, which we predicted would be the most one-sided affair since the Little Big Horn. Reader John Arcari has a report:

I just read an account of the debate held last night between Richard Perle and Howard Dean wrritten by a left winger who attended the debate. The highlight of the report is when some 52 year old Democrat threw a shoe at Richard Perle while screaming “mother f****** liar” numerous times as the police dragged him out of the debate hall. He missed Mr. Perle, who took the incident in light fashion. I believe there were local TV stations there, so I would think the whole episode would be on tape. Ah, the Democrat Party at work!!!

There is simply no plumbing the depth to which the American left has fallen. We understand that the “debate” will be televised on Cspan a week from tomorrow.


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