Unfunny, and demagogic

In his transformation from comedian to pundit, Al Franken has maintained the humorlessness that distinguished his show business career after the expiration of the Al Franken decade. In his capacity as a pundit, Franken has added the element of demagogy on a variety of subjects. Now he peddles the party line like a good left-wing apparatchik. In today’s Los Angeles Times he shows he can hustle racial issues with the best the Democratic Party has to offer: “A year-round party for blacks.” Can elective politics be far behind? (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)
HINDROCKET adds: References to Franken’s lack of humor remind me of my appearance on his radio show a few weeks ago. Franken interviewed me; it may have been the lamest interview in the history of radio. For ten minutes or so, Franken tried to argue with me about whether he is funny. Since I have never seen him perform, I couldn’t shed much light on the subject. I couldn’t help thinking, however–as I’m sure many listeners did–that if Franken wanted to prove he is funny, he could have done so far more effectively by…being funny. But that idea didn’t seem to occur to him.


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