The Insanity of the American Left

I can’t count the number of emails we’ve gotten from Democrats on the Jeff Gannon “story.” For the most part, they drip with venom and irrational hatred. I’d like to believe that there is some kind of a respectable left in this country, but where is it? It sure isn’t showing up in our email inbox.
This missive, which came in this morning, is typical:

I guess you “holier-than-thou moral values conservatives” don’t have a problem with gay male prostitutes who pose as conservative reporters as long as they are republican, huh?
If there is a god, you hypocrites are all going to hell. (I don’t think God will forgive you, even if you ARE republican.)

The stupidity of these people, as well as their malice, is mind-boggling. Can anyone discern what this guy, and the dozens if not hundreds of Democrats who have sent more or less identical emails, are talking about? Why are liberals obsessed with the fact that Jeff Gannon was once a gay escort? Beats me. Why does this character think that as conservatives, we are duty-bound to hate gay escorts? Beats me. We’ve done close to 10,000 posts on this site, and I doubt that we’ve ever mentioned gay escorts one way or another. Would I want my son to be one? No. Do I think that having once been a gay escort should disqualify Jeff Gannon from becoming a reporter, or entering any other occupation? No. Why do liberals find this so hard to understand? And how on God’s green earth does this make us “hypocrites”?
Of course, what we’ve criticized the left-wing blogs for is posting nude photographs of Gannon. How does the twisted “logic” manifested by these emailers justify that contemptible practice? Once again: beats me. The only conclusion I can come to is that a great many liberals are so consumed by hate that they have gone stark raving mad.
UPDATE: The meltdown continues. Here is the latest from our email inbox: Jeff Gannon and Karl Rove are secretly lovers! I’m not making this up; not only have we heard about this theory via hate mail from lefties, a reader (a sane one, that is) also says this is popping up all over AOL’s political discussion sites. It’s just about time for the men in white coats to intervene, I think.


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