Call me stupid

Being recognized by Time Magazine was terrific, but it’s probably a greater honor to be under attack by left-wing blogs such as Daily Kos and Atrios. This blogger is probably much lower on the leftist food chain than those two, but I still enjoyed his attack on us quite a bit.
The essence of it is that we’re “stupid.” Oh, we may seem like “nice lawyers and bankers” but we’re really “paranoid, extremist doofuses” and “extremist clowns” who (on top of everything else) embarrass the “progressive state of Minnesota.”
The evidence of our doofism lies in the fact that Rocket Man does not believe that the theory of evolution is correct. This belief renders him a “clueless nitwit,” inasmuch as the critique of Darwin’s theory of evolution is “a stinking pile of baloney” rejected by the “overwhelming majority of scientists.” The blogger himself makes no argument on the subject, but he assures his readers that he is prepared to “mop the floor” with Rocket Man in a debate on the subject.
Call me stupid (again), but I have a tough time understanding why the views of Rocket Man on evolution are relevant to the quality of our poltical commentary and reporting. But this is the state of so much of today’s left — unwilling and/or unable to argue political issues (or scientific ones, as far as appears) on the merits. Under leftist logic, the fact that one of us doesn’t believe a piece of scientific orthodoxy demonstrates, what, that our attacks on liberal political orthodoxies, falsehoods, and forgeries shouldn’t be taken seriously? If a majority of scientists disagree with Rocket Man about Darwin, then he must be wrong not only about Darwin, but about Rather.
With the left, it always seems to come down to ad hominem arguments or the defense of one orthodoxy by reference to some other (usually unrelated) one.


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