The migration of the paranoid style

The late Columbia University historian Richard Hofstadter was the author of the influential 1964 essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.” At the time it was published Hofstadter’s essay seemed to apply mostly to the denizens of the fever swamps on the right who thought that municipal water fluoridation was a Communist conspiracy. To whom does Hofstadter’s thesis apply today? I’m not naming any names, so to speak, but you won’t need my help after you read Deacon’s brilliant Daily Standard column: “Paranoid, nous?”
UPDATE: Dr. Pat Santy writes:

Great article by Deacon! As a practicing psychiatrist, I have always been interested in the psychopathology in American politics. Recently I wrote on my blog (Dr. Sanity) a post titled “Paranoia Strikes Deep” – which you might find interesting.


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