The baby looks good but we deplore the labor pains

Please don’t miss Noemie Emery’s column in the Weekly Standard called “Election Shock Treatment.” Noemie airs this question: can the Democrats find a way to talk about the Iraqi elections that isn’t madness personified? So far, the answer is no. Instead, the Democrats are serving up “nuance” as embodied in this distillation of the utterances of Harry Reid, Tina Brown, Hendrik Hertzberg, et al:

The elections succeeded in spite of the one man who caused them, and BECAUSE of the people whose publications and candidates had fought Bush every step of the way. Or, put another way, the elections were a success and a great moral victory; but the ideas that led up to them were the purest examples of bone-headed bungling; and the man who thought them all up was a dunce.


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