Deadly Bombing in Iraq

Earlier today, a suicide car bomber ignited an explosion that reportedly killed at least 110 Iraqis at Hillah, Iraq. The explosion took place outside a medical clinic where recruits for Iraq’s police and national guard were waiting to take physicals. A group of people believed to be Sudanese were arrested following the blast.
The explosives packed into the vehicle appear to have been unusually powerful; the photo below depicts the bomber’s car following the explosion. The white color is the result of being sprayed with fire extinguishers:
The terrorist insurgency seems clearly to be losing, but that doesn’t mean that it is anywhere near over.
UPDATE: In better news, violence was avoided in Beirut as a crowd estimated at up to 50,000 defied a ban on demonstrations to protest against the Syrian presence in Lebanon. In the photo below, security forces appear to allow protesters into Martyrs’ Square.


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