From this moment on

Since buying a new car equipped with satellite radio last year, I’ve become a fan of Frank’s Place (channel 73) on the XM Satellite Radio service. The only Frank’s Place on-air personalities are Jonathan Schwartz and Buddy Ladd, and they bring an encylopedic knowledge to the subject of the great American songbook. Jonathan Schwartz is the son of songwriter Arthur Schwartz and himself a legendary New York FM radio personality whom I’d only heard of; Ladd was a producer and consultant to Schwartz’s New York program.
Over the past few weeks Ladd’s morning “Cafe Buddy” program has featured Sinatra’s recordings of Cole Porter’s songs. Ladd’s commentary is incisive, smart and passionate. Last week Ladd devoted an entire show to Sinatra duets of Porter songs. Today in part 5 (of 6) of the Sinatra sings Porter series, Ladd mentioned that his favorite recording (I believe his favorite recording, period) was Sinatra’s 1956 rendition of “From This Moment On” from the 1957 album “A Swingin’ Affair!” (arrangements by Nelson Riddle).
I’d never heard the song before and was struck by the perfection of the writing, the singing, the arrangement. It reminded me of the book by my Dartmouth mentor Jeffrey Hart — From This Moment On. Perfect!


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