What Iraqis Think About Terrorism

Haider Ajina has translated for us a poll that appeared today in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed. The poll surveyed 2,878 Iraqis in and around Baghdad:

Do you support the severe measures the Iraqi Government is taking
against terrorist acts in Iraq?
93.56% = Yes
6.44% = No
How do you think Arabic satellite news companies are covering Iraqi news?
Neutral = 16.75%
Not Neutral = 7.25%
Negatively Biased = 76%
What is your opinion of U.N. Resolution 1546?
It achieves the ambitions of Iraqis for sovereignty = 73.12%
It satisfies ambition of certain Iraqi groups = 12.90%
It helps legitimise the American occupation = 13.98%

This is why I keep saying: the “insurgency” is over. The terrorists lost. What is going on now is just crime. Criminals can kill, but they can’t affect history. As Haider says:

Iraqis are solidly behind their government’s security forces pursuing the terrorists and with their vote on Jan. 30th they defeated the terrorists and now it is time to round them up.
Iraqis are also wise to Al-Jazeerah and her ilk of TV stations being anything but supportive or just neutral in their coverage of Iraq. Quite the contrary they want to injure Iraq’s democracy. As more and more Arabs recognize these dubious links [to terrorist groups], they will pull their support of these stations (by not watching them).


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