The fantasy continues

I’m having more fun than a middle-aged lawyer should be permitted to have. Tonight I had the pleasure of attending The Week Opinion Awards dinner. The Week is a news magazine that consists of the best articles and columns from other publications. The awards dinner, attended by a who’s who of leading journalists and at least four U.S. Senators, honors those selected by the magazine as columnist of the year, single-issue advocate of the year, editorial cartoonist of the year, and bloggers of the year. Before the dinner, the Week put on two excellent panel discussions — one on opinion journalism and the other on coverage of the war in Iraq. There was also a discussion after the dinner about whether the media elite is out of touch with America. I hope to be able to blog about at least some of these panels at another time.
The winners tonight were:
Columnist of the year – Peter Beinart
Advocate of the year – Jonathan Turley
Cartoonist of the year – Tom Toles
Bloggers of the year – Power Line
My only regret for the evening was that I was unable to deliver an Oscar-style thank you speech (or say “thank you” at all). Had I been given the chance, I would have thanked the following on my own behalf:
1. My wife, Yvonne, for tolerating my blogging habit.
2. Rocket Man, for starting the blog and inviting me to join.
3. Trunk, for getting up early every morning to make sure Power Line is on top of things, and especially for doing this on the morning of September 9, 2004.
On behalf of Power Line, I would have thanked:
1. The Week and its selection panel consisting of Ana Marie Cox (Wonkette), Jeff Jarvis, Daniel Radosh, and Glenn Reynolds.
2. Hugh Hewitt for putting us on the blogosphere map.
3. Our readers, above all.
UPDATE by BIG TRUNK: Editor & Publisher’s article on the event and the awards is “‘The Week’ in review: Magazine awards top opinion prize to four.”


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