God save the queen

The mad mullahs of Tehran have responded to the Bush administration’s joinder in the EU’s efforts to persuade them give up their cherished work on the Muslim bomb. Reuters reports: “U.S. ‘hallucinating’ over nuclear talk, Iran says.” My guess is that the Bush administration is letting the EU take a whack with Iran much as it let the UN take a whack with Iraq, and my guess is that they have a fallback in mind in the event the EU reaches a dead end.
The report includes an illuminating quote:

Iran dismissed the U.S. offer as insignificant. Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi told IRNA it was “funny and disrespectful.”
“The U.S. should apologize to Iran for making this proposal,” he said, going on to describe Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a “queen of war and violence.”

Well, God save the queen! Yahoo News carries the Reuters report together with a slide show including the photo below, which really caught my eye.
The Reuters caption reads:

Iran (news – web sites)’s President Mohammad Khatami (news – web sites) (L) and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez attend sign bilateral agreements at Maiquetia’s Airport near Caracas, March 12, 2005. Chavez, whose country is a major U.S. oil supplier, on Friday expressed his support for Iran’s nuclear program, which is opposed by the United States and Europe. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

Is anyone paying attention?


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