Easy Come, Easy Go

Condoleezza Rice was on Meet the Press this morning, and Tim Russert noted the internet boomlet in support of her running for President. He pressed Rice on her intentions, and she repeated, about as definitively as possible, that she “will not run for president of the United States”. So it’s goodbye, I suppose, to americansforrice.com, et al. Maybe there’s a market for recycled bumper stickers.
Rice’s disavowal of Presidential ambitions probably means that she intends to stay on as Secretary of State through President Bush’s second term, which wouldn’t be possible if she were to begin a full-time Presidential campaign next year. It’s noteworthy, though, that she didn’t say anything about not wanting to be Vice-President. So maybe there’s an outside chance that her prediction–“I don’t think I will be president of the United States ever”–might not prove to be true.


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