The sixty-first minute revisited

Reader Michael Dunlop writes:

As a C-SPAN junkie from waay back, I’ve come to appreciate the extensive archives available.
The taping of your talk before the Center of the American Experiment is available for people to view at any time at C-SPAN’s American Perspectives sub-category.
Up until this morning, you had to catch it at one of the odd-ball re-airings that they had scheduled. For some weird reason, they had the segment featuring Ms. Jolie (from the same time-slot/program as your talk) available in their archives almost immediately.
Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.

The archived C-SPAN presentation of our March 9 Center of the American Experiment event is accessible here. C-SPAN producer Leta Hix writes:

DVD’s can be ordered from the C-SPAN Archives by going to… or calling toll-free 877-662-7726. I’m glad to hear you got some positive feedback from your readers. As noted on your blog, we will re-air the event again during the upcoming congressional recess, but it might not be at 3 in the morning! Stay tuned.


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