Mainline Christian anti-Semitism

FrontPage has posted this excellent column by David Meir-Levi on the Israel divestment movement among “mainline” Christian denominations: “Mainline Christian anti-Semitism.” The divestment movement appears to have spread like a cancer from the univerities to the mainline churches. Moonbat Central has posted Steven Plaut report: “Columbia U endorses right to engage in terrorism.” How long will it be before the mainline churches endorse terrorism?
UPDATE: Reader Dan England of Getting Elected has sent us a copy of his email to David Meir-Levi:

I was led to your article “Mainline Christian Anti-Semitism” by Powerline. It is excellent and I agree with it. However, you referred to the “leadership of the Presbyterian Church” in the article.
My wife and I left the Presbyterian Church (USA) and moved [to] the Presbyterian Church (PCA) over issues like the one you wrote about. There is a difference between the PCUSA and the PCA. The PCA has remained faithful to the Scriptures. It was the PCUSA that took this stand, not the PCA. Following is a link to the PCA site for more information.

UPDATE 2: Reader Trevor Hall writes:

Thank you for your recent post regarding divestment in Israel. Here at Viterbo University, a Franciscan university in La Crosse, Wisconsin [where Mr. Hall is an Instructor in Religious Studies], the Religious Studies department has sponsored a few speakers over the past few months regarding this very issue. It is amazing that the PCUSA could have such a clear bias against Israel in their decision to divest. I thought I would provide the link to the PCUSA documents. I think you’ll be amazed at some of the short-sightedness in their language. For example: “The General Assembly has also echoed other religious bodies in expressing deep concern about the construction of a Separation Barrier on Palestinian land as it will increase the suffering of Palestinians, make their territory more unviable economically, and render the two-state solution much more difficult to achieve.” Here is the link.


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