Is That A Threat or a Promise?

The Washington Times reports on Harry Reid’s Capitol steps press conference, in which he threatened to shut down the government (but for “legislation vital to our troops or other national security interests, and… critical government services”) if the Republicans vote to end the filibuster in connection with judicial nominations.
Most noteworthy is the fact that only 35 Senate Democrats stood with Reid at the press conference. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, up for re-reelection, was absent; his office says he is opposed to filibustering judicial nominees. Also among the missing was Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, whose office said she hadn’t made up her mind.
Personally, I’d love to see the Democrats shut down the government. My only fear is that their definition of “critical government services” may be broader than mine. But I doubt that it will happen.
Also, note how the Democrats never fail to refer to the “nuclear option.” Acquiescing in that terminology was a bone-headed move by the Republicans.


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