Tear down this wall

Please recall that we support the outsider candidacies of Peter (“Tear down this wall”) Robinson and Todd Zywicki in the ongoing trustee election at Dartmouth College. The sagacious Hugh Hewitt explains the importance of the election. Hugh writes:

A genuine story in higher education is the campaign by Peter Robinson and one other “outsider” to join Dartmouth’s governing board. The first outsider candidate won last year, and if two more win this year, a new model for taking control of higher education back from the PC elites and clubby trustees will emerge. Alums are fed up with nonsense policies and absurdist frauds like Ward Churchill, and if Dartmouth can patiently work its way to a representative board of governors, then other colleges and universities can do so as well through the coordinated actions of alums using the internet to gather themselves into cohesive groups. Robinson’s e-mail to Dartmouth alums is floating around the internet, and you should read it for a sense of what most alums think about most college and university administrations.

Hugh has also obtained a copy of Robinson’s email to the alumni and reprints it in full. Here are some highlights:

The Changing Character of the Faculty
Consider the finest professors of recent decades. I myself think, for example, of professor of history Charles Wood, professor of government Vincent Starzinger, professor of religion Charles Stinson, and professor of English Jeffrey Hart. Each was an accomplished author of books and essays, yet each gloried in the classroom, making it clear through the sheer excellence of his instruction that he viewed teaching as the worthiest of callings.
The faculty today? It


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