David Horowitz issues a correction, then proves his point

David Horowitz, the indefatigable crusader against political indoctrination on college campuses, has corrected his description of one instance of such indoctrination. Horowitz reported that, at the University of Northern Colorado, a professor had required a student to answer this question on a final exam in a Criminology course: “Explain why George Bush is a war criminal.” The student wrote instead that Saddam Hussein was a war criminal and, according to Horowitz, received an “F.”
Horowitz relied on an account of the student’s story provided by his staff (he had little choice, the university would not give him any information). However, it now appears that the question the student answered was one of two optional questions, and thus she was not required to answer it. In addtion, she did not receive an “F.” Finally, the actual question was this:

The American government campaign to attack Iraq was in part based on the assumptions that the Iraqi government has


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