Who is President Summers?

In his ongoing ordeal-by-faculty, I thought I had run the gamut of Western civilization by comparing Harvard President Lawrence Summers to Cool Hand Luke and to Socrates. The estimable Roger Kimball of the New Criterion and Armavirumque has thought long and hard about the transformation of university campuses by the leftover left. See, for example, his book Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education. In his most recent post at Armavirumque, Kimball expands the frame of reference we have applied to President Summers: “Elmer Fudd goes to Cambridge.”
HINDROCKET adds: For a lengthy, interesting discussion of the institutional context in which the current controversy is taking place, see this review in today’s New York Times of the book Harvard Rules, by Richard Bradley. Bradley’s book is anti-Summers, but the Times review is relatively sympathetic to Harvard’s President.


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