Live from Ankara

The invaluable Jim Geraghty of National Review Online’s TKS (formerly the Kerry Spot) has relocated to Ankara where he continues reporting for NRO. Jim writes:

Greetings from the Turkish-American Association, only the target of, oh, one bombing in the last year.
Could I trouble you for a link to one of my “hey, I’m alive” posts to help let the world know that I’m back to semi-regular blogging? The Ankara-based TKS will be heavy on foreign policy coverage, punctuated with periodic accounts of me stumbling through a very new and different culture.
The good news is, they have Starbucks with wireless. So in some ways, it’s like nothing changed.

It is apparent that the change in location has left Jim’s sense of humor unaltered. See, for example, today’s posts including “I’m sorry, what happened in this building six months ago?” and “When it comes to smoking, Turkey meets EU standards already.”


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