Life in the Upper Midwest

Expo 2005 is about to begin in Nagakute, Japan; one exhibit will feature the carcass of a woolly mammoth that lived around 18,000 years ago, and was discovered preserved in Siberian permafrost. Reporters were given a glimpse of the mammoth’s head yesterday; it isn’t clear whether the rest of the animal will be visible later or not. But the head alone is pretty impressive:
[Insert transition here.] We got eight or ten inches of snow last night, which is not unusual during March, the biggest snow month here in Minnesota. I took this photo this morning on a street a couple of blocks from my house:
Now I suppose Glenn will post one of those photos of coeds sunbathing on the UT campus. Actually, I think he takes all of those pictures in July, and then posts them in the spring and fall to make the rest of us jealous.


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