Tina Brown tries name-calling

In contrast to Garance Ruta-Franke (see below), Tina Brown prefers to attack bloggers through name-calling, rather than bad arguments. Good choice, Tina.
However, the name she has selected, “the new Stasi,” is wide of the mark. The Stasi was the East German secret police. But Brown, whose beef appears to be the fact that the reports of bloggers have cost some in the MSM their jobs, captures the spirit of Walter Ulbricht better than bloggers do. Her view seems to be that, like Communist apparatchiks, media big-shots are beyond public criticism, and should only have to defend their work, and their right remain big-shots, before other media big-shots. This attitude reminds me of Lenin’s dictum that all dissent is allowed within the party, but none without (a lie, of course — Lenin didn’t appreciate dissent within his party either).
Brown frets that bloggers (among others) have ushered in an “eggshell era” in which journalists are made timid for fear of being “caught out.” But is it really expecting too much for journalists to rely on real documents rather than fake ones, and for media executives to eschew allegations of criminal conduct that they are unwilling or unable to back up?
A healthy MSM would respond to the blogger phenomenon by checking its facts more carefully. The MSM we have responds by whining that it is being ratted out by the secret police.


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