I Think We’ve Heard This Before

It’s deja vu time; the Toronto Star reports that Howard Dean, in Toronto for the semi-annual “Democrats Abroad” conference, explained that the Dems have problems because they are just too smart. The Republicans, Dean, explained, are “brain dead.” One might normally expect this to give the Democrats an advantage. But no: the Dems failed in 2004 because they have a “tendency to explain every issue in half an hour of detail.” From now on, the Democrats under Dean will learn from their mistakes and “keep it simple.”
Howard, I think you’re on to something. Please keep promoting this insight wherever you go: Americans are really dumb, and the Democrats’ only problem is that they are so extraordinarily brilliant. If the Dems can just pretend to be “brain dead,” like the Republicans, they will sweep to victory. That is a great strategy, Howard. Please pursue it.


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