Charles Johnson to Strib: Apologize

Tomorrow’s Minneapolis Star Tribune letters to the editor are led by Charles Johnson’s response to the column by one Tamara Baker that the Strib ran on Saturday. The Star Tribune publishes Charles’s letter under the heading “Outrageous lie”:

In a March 19 counterpoint (“Article on blogs should have said more on political divide”), Tamara Baker made a bald-faced lie: “[Eric] Black’s article also didn’t mention “Little Green Footballs,” a right-wing blog whose founder, Charles Johnson, claims that he and not John Hinderaker’s PowerLineBlog was the first to lead the charge against Dan Rather last fall.”
I have never written or said anything like this. In fact, in my posts about Rathergate on the day the story broke, I very clearly credited Power Line and “Buckhead” at Free Republic.
These posts are all readily available at my site (, and, in fact, there is a permanent link to an index of all Rathergate posts at LGF, near the top of our left sidebar.
There really is no excuse for this blatant act of character assassination, and the Star Tribune owes me an apology for publishing Baker’s unhinged rant.


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