Show us the source

At TKS Jim Geraghty has picked up the scent in the case of the Republican talking points memo: “The Rathergate memo, part deux?” That’s a strong scent that reaches all the way to Ankara.
Mick Wright of Fishkite and Condipundit has created a useful timeline on the talking points memo. Factor this. The print copy of the talking points memo was leaked to a left-wing site (The Raw Story) that seems to specialize in exposing purported Republican dishonesty. The print copy of the talking points memo is posted here at that site.
Reader Charles Henkel points out that commment 35 of the string on that post asks what objective evidence shows the memo is fake and points out that the bill number on the memo is wrong (S.529 instead of S.539 and ultimately S.686). More to the point, the commenter points out that most of the text of the memo is copied (typo and all) from this post at the Traditional Values Coalition site.
If it was a Republican staffer who prepared the memo, he or she should be fired for more than one reason. On the other hand, if the memo is a dirty trick, its footprints are traceable on the Internet.
UPDATE: Jon Miners writes: “The reason the authenticity of the Schiavo memo is not in dispute, is because those in a position to know haven’t disputed it.”
HINDROCKET adds: For more, including a copy of the memo, scroll down to my post from last night. I wrote reporter Mike Allen of the Washington Post last night, pointing out some of the problems with the memo and asking him to disclose whatever evidence he has of its authenticity. No response yet.


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