Spirit of America, take 2

William Tucker is the prominent journalist and author of Progress and Privilege: America in the Age of Environmentalism, among other distinguished books. His most recent project is a play that he is seeking to export to an important audience. He writes:

I’m a magazine writer – Weekly Standard, American Spectator, American Enterprise – but I’ve also written some plays. My most recent, “Founding Fathers,” is a dramatization of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. I think it really explains a lot about America and humanizes the Founding Fathers.
We did it in New York last fall for a brief run during the GOP convention. Now I’ve had it translated into Arabic and am trying to distribute it in Iraq. This is sheer pro bono for me (actually costing thousands of dollars). We’re mainly looking for people who are active over there and could distribute copies. We’re also looking for contacts in Lebanon.

Please take a look at the site Tucker has established to promote the play and to seek funding for distribution of copies to American soldiers serving in the Middle East: Founding Fathers. If you are aware of contacts in Lebanon who might be of assistance, please write us and we’ll forward the information.


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