Now For Some Good News

We haven’t paid enough attention to what has been happening in Iraq over the last few days. The news has been pretty uniformly good. Eighty-five terrorists were killed in a raid in central Iraq, conducted mostly by Iraqi forces and precipitated by information from Iraqis. Those killed were reported to include “Iraqis, Filipinos, Algerians, Moroccans, Afghans and Arabs from neighboring countries.”
In Baghdad, terrorists who were shooting up the Doura neighborhood got a nasty shock when shopkeepers picked up weapons and fired back, killing three of the attackers.
Today, it was reported that the death rate for American soldiers has declined steeply since January’s election, and the total for March should be the lowest in more than a year.
Also earlier today, Iraqi electrical workers marched through Baghdad to protest against terrorism, especially attacks on electricity stations and oil pipelines. The demonstrators chanted “No, no to terror.” Here is a photo of the demonstration:
I think it’s interesting that the signs are all in Arabic. All around the world, antiwar and anti-American demonstrators brandish signs in English. Why? Because the intended audience isn’t their countrymen, it’s us. Here, the demonstrators wanted to get through to the terrorists and to their fellow Iraqis.
The common theme that underlies all of the above stories is that, more and more, the Iraqis are taking responsibility for their own destiny, which means, more than anything, standing up to the terrorists. And that is very good news indeed.


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