Now They Tell US

According to the Associated Press, the mystery of Iraq’s missing anthrax may have been solved. Both the U.N. and various nations’ inelligence agencies had been puzzled by what happened to approximately 1,800 gallons of anthrax that Saddam’s regime produced, but never accounted for. Prior to the Iraq war, it was widely believed that the regime retained some or all of this material. The AP reports:

[T]he mystery of the missing anthrax appears to have been resolved in a little-noted section of the Iraq Survey Group report, a 350,000-word document issued Oct. 6.
The British-educated [Rihab Rashid] Taha, who ran the Hakam complex in the 1980s, told interrogators her staff carted off anthrax from Hakam in April 1991 and stored it in a bungalow near the presidential palace at Radwaniyah, 20 miles west of Baghdad, the U.S. teams report.


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