Reconsider baby

If it weren’t for Elvis, I might never have heard of Lowell Fulson. In 1960, when Elvis was discharged from the Army and out to reclaim his career, he reached back to a 1954 hit by Fulson to cut one of finest recordings — a blistering version of “Reconsider Baby” with Elvis himself on rhythm guitar. It added the exclamation point to “Elvis is Back!” and closed the album in a big way.
Fulson was a classic bluesman who wrote, recorded, and performed in every blues style over a period of fifty years. When he died in 1999, VH1 posted a good obituary that includes an audio clip of “Reconsider Baby”: “Bluesman Lowell Fulson dead at 77.” The Allmusic capsule biography of Fulson by Bill Dahl provides an excellent overview of Fulson’s long career.
Today is the anniversary of Fulson’s birth and a good occasion to check out this vital artist.


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