Don’t Anybody Bother Me…

…tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be picking my fantasy baseball team. I’m due to win; my “ESPN League Champion” tee-shirt is getting threadbare. This could be my year. It could be the Twins’ year, too: ESPN’s Jayson Stark is picking them to go all the way:

Just ask the Yankees. Ask the Red Sox. Ask them how terrified they were last year of playing the best little low-budget team on our planet — those Minnesota Twins, the team that is going to win the World Series this year. These Twins cause nightmares. Listen to Red Sox manager Terry Francona.
“Last year when we were coming down the stretch, I’m thinking, ‘I don’t want to see Johan Santana twice in that first round,'” Francona says. “If Santana comes out and throws two shutouts at you, you’re in big trouble. Look at the Yankees series. I think he did throw about 1


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