Something to look forward to

Hugh Hewitt reports on his interview with Senator John Kyl. According to Hugh,

Senator Kyl confirmed that the vote on the constitutional option [to break the filibuster of President Bush’s court of appeals nominees] is coming in a matter of weeks because the Democrats refuse any sort of stand-down from their obstructionism. Still, Kyl said, it is very important for the base to communicate with GOP senators about their passion on this issue. Senator Kyl also noted that Democratic senators are refusing to attend Judiciary Committee hearings on nominees as a means of delaying the nominations’ passage to the floor, which may necessitate using direct-to-the-floor procedures which the Democrats will then complain about. (See if any major newspaper reports that Democrats are refusing to come to the Committee.) Finally, senator Kyl stated that the desire is to get all previously filibusterd nominees to the floor at the same time of the constitutional option being exercised, which explains the delay. Still, he said, it is a matter of weeks not months, and he specifically said three or four weeks.

Earlier today, Hugh provided the historical context in which the current judicial war are being waged, and explained the stakes. He also provided contact information for the benefit of readers who wish to impress upon their Senators the urgency of ending the Democrats’ abusive efforts to deny the president’s nominees an up-or-down vote.


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