Oh well, there’s always Christopher Shays

Robert Novak reports on the extraordinary campaign by the New York Times to aid its Democratic allies by drumming up support for their anti-Tom DeLay campaign. According to Novak, the Times asked former Representative Robert Livingston to write an op-ed piece on whether DeLay should step down. Livingston himself was set to become House Speaker back in 1998, but resigned his seat in the face of allegations of a sexual affair.
Livingston apparently responded to the Times, through an aide, that if he wrote a piece it would be favorable to DeLay. The Times then lost interest. Its representative stated, “we are seeking those who would go on the record or state for the good of the party he [DeLay] should step aside.”
Novak speculates that the intensity of the Democrats’ anti-DeLay campaign is working in favor of the Majority Leader. In his view, Republicans who secretly would like to dump DeLay are unwilling to “be the handmaiden of DeLay’s Democratic detractors.” Meanwhile, the Democrats, and the New York Times, are still looking for a major anti-DeLay Republican to go public.


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