Pageant Blogging Resumes!

We have shamefully neglected the beauty pageant scene since our triumphant live-blogging of last year’s Miss Universe contest. We’ve been distracted long enough by serious events like elections, etc.; it’s time to take note of last night’s finale of the Miss USA competition.
I actually didn’t know it was going on until I walked into the library and found my daughters cheering on Miss North Carolina. This isn’t surprising; as the commercials last night demonstrated, beauty pageants are watched overwhelmingly by women.
I’m not sure why, though. Miss North Carolina, Chelsea Cooley, won, and was a worthy victor:
The Miss USA site, which is quite good, is here. Miss North Carolina’s section is here. Miss Cooley will compete in the Miss Universe contest in Thailand at the end of May. More to follow.
UPDATE by SCOTT: Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues supplements John’s report with a report on the new Israel Beauty Queen crowned last week: “Only in Israel.” She will represent Israel in the upcoming Miss Universe competition.


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