Our New Look

As you can see, we’ve updated our site’s design, lightening the overall look, moving our sidebar from left to right, and shifting some items that formerly were in the sidebar to the top of the page. One of our objectives was faster loading, which I think most readers have experienced.
We had to disable trackbacks a couple of months ago after trackback spam pretty well disabled the site. Movable Type has updated software that keeps spam trackbacks from appearing, but they still come in and still need to be deleted, and we were continuing to get email notifications even though the spam wasn’t visible to anyone else. The Trunk spent a couple of hours deleting spam night before last, and I figured I’d seen enough emails about online poker and bestiality sites, so we axed trackbacks once and for all. Maybe we’ll revive them if the spam situation improves someday.
Thanks to Stacy Tabb of Sekimori Design, who did our original design and also did the update.


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