Fake red man, real green men

The new issue of the Weekly Standard out this morning is full of good stuff. The cover story on Ward Churchill is by Matt Labash: “The Ward Churchill notoriety tour.” Churchill is becoming a difficult subject to render with full justice, but Labash is the reporter to do it. Don’t miss this one.
Our continuing interest in the ongoing Dartmouth trustee election is both parochial and related to the wider issues bearing on higher education of which Churchill himself is symptomatic. Duncan Currie encourages our belief in the general importance of the story: “The Dartmouth insurgency.”
We initially wrote about the election (and even touched on Ward Churchill) in “Bucking the deans at Dartmouth.” Currie’s article brings good news for those alums who awaited the long-delayed delivery of the paper ballots or whose ballots mysteriously disappeared in the mail; the deadline for voting has been extended from April 22 to May 6.
UPDATE: David Horowitz writes: “This post I put up at Mooonbat Central is right up your alley”: “Colgate’s new totalitarian code.”