Bolton’s enemies

In his Washington Times column today, Frank Gaffney notes one of John Bolton’s qualifications for the job of representing the United States in the United Nations: “The Bolton vote.” Gaffney writes:

Mr. Bolton’s experiences and conduct under clearly very difficult circumstances in the State Department in the last four years are, if anything, evidence he is right for the U.N. job.
After all, he is accustomed to dealing with institutions hostile to President Bush, his administration and its security policies. He has demonstrated the necessary diplomatic and bureaucratic skills needed to overcome myriad obstacles thrown in his way by opponents, foreign and domestic. And he has displayed the sort of principled tenacity that will certainly be even more necessary to truly reforming the United Nations than it has been to trying to get, and keep, the State Department on the president’s team.

Why didn’t we think of that? Gaffney omits only the thought that a vote in favor of Bolton will mightily annoy Melody Townsel, the Mother Opposing Bush who has reenetered politics after raising, sort of, her children (make that her four-year-old daughter). Isn’t that an important mark in Bolton’s favor as well?


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