Clinton case mystery

The New York Sun seems to be eating the lunch of its competition in Josh Gerstein’s fascinating article: “Clinton case mystery.”
JOHN adds: The most interesting paragraphs in the story are, I think, these:

In the documents reviewed by the Sun, the name of the FBI informant is not disclosed. However, the records offer intriguing clues that suggest the mystery witness operated at the highest echelon of Democratic politics.
“The CW [confidential witness] is related to an extremely prominent and well-known political figure. It can be expected that the fact that CW was working in an undercover capacity for the FBI will become the subject of intense media attention,” prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg wrote in a November 2004 memo asking a federal magistrate to keep the relationship under wraps.

Call me cynical, but I very much doubt that this story will be the focus of “intense media attention.” I think media attention is engaged elsewhere–John Bolton, Tom DeLay, the Constitutional option–and I don’t think there is much interest in a scandal that involves Democrats.


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