There Is One Obvious Difference…

Reader Joel Loeschman makes a good point:

With all the huffing and puffing of Democrats over whether John Bolton
threatened a civil servant’s job, I have to ask…What exactly happened with Hillary Clinton and the White House travel office a few years ago? Does this disqualify Bill and/or Hillary from ever working @ the U.N.?

There is one obvious difference between what Hillary (with help from Bill) undoubtedly did, and what John Bolton allegedly did: Hillary actually got someone fired. Seven people, if my memory is correct.
Well, I guess there is another difference, too. Bolton had reason to be upset with under-performing employees. Hillary just wanted to install her own cronies. If Bolton is disqualified from working at the U.N., one can ask, as Joel does, whether Hillary is likewise disqualified from service at the U.N. The more pertinent question, though, is: why isn’t Hillary disqualified from being President?


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