Why George Soros moved on

From the Washington Times’ Inside Politics feature, we learn that George Soros would be a Republican today if the GOP hadn’t purged its moderate members. That’s what Soros told the Washington Times anyway, after criticizing the way the paper has attacked him in print. Soros didn’t identify the moderate Republicans that the party has purged (I don’t believe there are any). Nor did he explain why, having rejected the Republicans, he could not have become a moderate Democrat or even a mainstream liberal, instead of opting to become the sugar-daddy of left-wing (MoveOn.org, for example).
Speaking of MoveOn, Inside Politics also notes that this group is running radio ads attacking House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. The Maryland Democrat has a 100 percent liberal rating from Americans for Democratic Action. But that’s not good enough for MoveOn. The Soros backed group is outraged that Hoyer supported the bankruptcy bill.
It’s pretty much a rule of politics that when a party has been out of power for a while it is willing to tolerate a decent amount of ideological impurity in its presidential candidate. My guess is that this rule will hold for the Democrats in 2008. However, MoveOn.org, bless them, will put it to the test.


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