Yesterday’s “agrarian reformers” are today’s “business professionals”

Diana West blows the whistle on the “happy talk” about Hamas emanating from the Bush administration. It seems that Scott McLellan characterized the members of the Palestinian Hamas ticket as “business professionals” who are interested in “improving the quality of life for the Palestinian people” and “not terrorists.” The administration is still lagging behind the EU which, as West shows, extends the happy talk beyond Hamas’ political wing to its murder wing. However, as with most terrorist organizations mature enough to have two wings, the distinction between the two is mostly illusory.
Why is the administration being so myopic here? Is it trying to build on the momentum of good news in some portions of the Middle East to create the impression that the entire region is turning happy? Or is the president, like his father and his immediate predecessor, simply unable to distinguish between his wish to bring peace to the Middle East the limited amount of time available to him and the realities of the region that stand so formidably in his way?


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