I Wonder What the Principle Was?

Actually, I think it’s pretty clear. Chief investigator Robert Parton resigned from the Volcker committee’s inquest into the U.N.’s Food for Peace program, along with another investigator, a week or so ago. One of the three members of the Volcker committee ascribed the resignations to the two employees’ work being finished. Today Parton rejected that explanation. Parton said:

Contrary to recent published reports, I resigned my position as Senior Investigative Counsel for the IIC not because my work was complete but on principle.

As the AP helpfully adds:

The investigator, Robert Parton, confirmed a report by The Associated Press earlier this week that he had resigned along with another investigator to protest recent findings by the committee that cleared U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan of meddling in the $64 billion program.

Senator Norm Coleman’s investigation of the OFF program, and his call for Kofi Annan’s resignation, are looking better all the time.


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