Exceeding the bounds at UST

Undergraduate students at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul had the temerity to invite Ann Coulter to speak on campus last week. Coulter was the guest of the St. Thomas chapter of the College Republicans and the Standard, the new campus conservative publication. The local papers didn’t actually cover Coulter’s St. Thomas speech, although the Star Tribune’s fatuous columnist wrote a characteristically fatuous column on her talk in which he called it (what else?) “hate speech.” I guess he should know.
On Monday the president of St. Thomas (Father Dennis Dease) issued a statement condemning Coulter’s speech: “Coulter’s talk tests controversial issues statement.” Father Dease himself didn’t attend the speech, but he heard about it:

[T]he reports I have heard from people whose views I respect suggest that her performance went far beyond the bounds of what is commonly accepted as civil discourse. Although her presentation may have been meant as an


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